A passion for beauty and light

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to witness some very amazing moments. Whether its a sunset in St George, Utah, or a beautiful field in Southeast Idaho, or one of my lifelong wishes - to capture art installations at Burning Man. Here are a few of these moments to showcase my work outside of the corporate event landscape.


artistic street photography of a catholic church, framed by very old arches, at night.
artistic street photography of a bronze statue of a twisted octopus.
artistic street photography of a merman and a mermaid, with a mostly set sun behind them.
landscape photo of a pond surrounded by trees and a hill in the background, during golden hour.
artistic street photo of a small street in mexico, between two tall buildings, with the ocean and a golden hour sky
artistic street photo of two mexican dancers in a fast dancing pose. sun is setting in the background
aerial drone photo of a rock facade and a very green tree covered neighborhood in sedona arizona
nature photo of a rock structure with a very colorful sky in  joshua tree california
nature photo of Rattlesnake Lake after a light snowfall, mix of dark and light clouds reflect the lake.
aerial drone photo of avila beach california. mix of ocean water and sandy beach, as well as the adjacent rock bluffs.
aerial drone photo of the pier at avila beach california. Photo combines beach, ocean, and wooden pier.
A group of sail boats anchor in front of a very large rock mound in Morrow Bay, California
artistic photo of a large rock on a bluff above the ocean in san luis obispo california
artistic photo of a pier along avila beach california
artistic photo of a blue tiled room with a large arch window and two doors california